Predict a Stock with our AI

AlCa AI is a stock market prediction tool that uses machine learning to predict a stock's trend.


Custom AI Development Pricing

Unlock the potential of custom-built AI for your business with AlCa. Our team of machine learning experts, financial analysts, and web developers can develop tailored AI solutions to meet your specific needs. With our proven expertise in LSTM neural networks, TensorFlow, and AWS hosting, we offer a range of pricing plans designed to provide cost-effective, high-impact solutions.

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Starter Package

Ideal for small businesses or startups that are new to AI. This package includes basic data analysis, simple machine learning models, and a limited set of features tailored to your business needs. Priced affordably, it's a perfect way to dip your toes into the world of AI without a hefty investment.

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Advanced Package

Designed for medium-sized enterprises with more complex needs. This package offers advanced machine learning models, data engineering, and the integration of AI functionalities into your existing systems. The Advanced Package also includes quarterly model updates and performance tracking to ensure ongoing optimization.

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Enterprise Package

Customized end-to-end solutions for large corporations with intricate, high-demand AI requirements. This premium package includes high-level data analysis, the development of complex machine learning models like neural networks or NLP-based algorithms, and full-scale system integration. Additional perks include priority customer support, monthly performance reviews, and continuous model refinements based on real-time data.


Innovation in Stock Prediction

AlCa is using revolutionizing techniques with its LSTM neural network model, providing three-day forecasts. By incorporating diverse industry stocks and leveraging historical data, we offer actionable insights for investors, traders, and financial analysts.

  • Extensively Trained on Various Sectors
  • Secure and Scalable on AWS

Harness the Power of Intelligent Prediction

AlCa's LSTM neural network model is meticulously trained on a diverse collection of industry stocks, providing robust predictions for a future window of three days. Leveraging cutting-edge technology like TensorFlow and hosted on AWS, we offer secure, scalable, and actionable insights that empower your investment decisions.


Our AI

Engage with the vibrant community of AlCa users, investors, and enthusiasts. Our Discord channel offers a platform for lively discussions, knowledge sharing, and direct support from our team. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, find insights and connections to enhance your investment journey.

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Meet The Team Behind AlCa

Introducing the dedicated and talented team that powers Our experts in machine learning, finance, and web development have come together to create a state-of-the-art LSTM neural network model for stock prediction. With a relentless focus on innovation and quality, we strive to provide accurate, actionable insights that empower your investment decisions.

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